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F-Bag Small Recycled Jeans

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F-BAG Small in recycled jeans and navy blue (goat) leather for the details. Shoulder strap 5 cm Jaquard arrow lines ecru and black; black matt chunky chain handle and silver hardware. 

"Recycling" is a huge and very important subject. Our Earth depend on how we decide to take part into the "recycling" actions. We do it using an old denim fabric, instead of throwing away our used jeans, we restyle them into bag parts. Given the uniqueness of each jeans that is reused and recycled, each bag is slightly different from another, and this makes these accessories even more unique. It'a very small help, but as a fashion brand we decided to recycle with style:)

This is the Francesca-Bag Small (22x15 cm) It's small but not too small because we like to put all our "world" in our bag in order to bring it always with us.

16 rings for the bag-handle are included.

 *Only 1 Shoulder strap and 1 Chain handle are included for 1 Bag purchase.